Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021 is here: time to invent the future

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021 is here.

It’s fantastic that it coincides with the last week of COP26 because our entrepreneurship eco-systems have so much to share to turn climate action pledges into reality.

Imagine Global Entrepreneurship Week 2031 if we do: a cooler, calmer, equitable world on the trajectory of restoration and interdependence with Nature.

Here’s a quick game for you. Imagine we are meeting together in GEW2031, we’ve achieved that trajectory and we are telling each other our stories of how we did it. What story would you tell?

Now, let’s reverse engineer from then, to this week: what seeds need planting in our innovation and entrepreneurship eco-systems in GEW2021 to unfold that future?

What ideas need to be born this week in our communities?

How will you engage those around you, to believe they can create flourishing futures?

Need more help? Join the Flourishing Futures Collective and we’ll go together.



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